‘The Hunter Conservationist’ is meant to inform and inspire others to take action.  It will also aim to educate hunters and non-hunters alike on the legacy of hunter conservationists and the great work being done today.

Those that came before entrusted us with a public lands legacy, hunter conservationist ethic and hunting heritage that deserve our greatest efforts to protect and further.  Now is our time to jump into the trenches and do the dirty work.

Our society is very partisan, polar, yes or no.  We have fewer nuanced, respectful discussions.  We think posting a meme to Facebook is “taking action”.  The issues jeopardizing the future of public land hunting are not simple, or black and white.  They will require thoughtful discussion, dialogue, and hard work, to overcome together.

You will find facts here but this isn’t intended to the be the daily news.  Inspiration, critical thinking, apathy killing – those are the goals.  You may not agree with everything written or shared here, but if it makes you think, take action, or starts a discussion, then it was time well spent.


About the Founder, Jarrett Babincsak

Father, husband, hunter and conservationist.

I am father to two wonderful, insightful little girls and husband to a beautiful, supportive wife.

I started hunting Indiana whitetails at the age of 12 with a single shot New Englander 20 gauge and began bowhunting the next season.  My Dad was a hunter.  My neighbors were hunters.  My role models were hunters.  The subjects of my book reports were hunters. Hunting was still a part of the Northwest Indiana culture of my youth.  A 16-year old me slapped a sticker on my first truck, an ’87 Chevy S-10 4×4 that went 0-60 in about 44 minutes, that read, “Hunting is Life”.  That sticker is as true today as it was then.

I hunt because I am a meat eating, human animal.  I am part of the natural world.  I care about my health and the health of my family.  Killing is a necessary part of eating meat and hunting allows me to take accountability for the killing of healthy food for my family.

I train all year and value the challenge, and rejuvenation of the soul, found in hunting, especially solo, adventure hunting.  I lift weights, train Muay Thai, trail run, hike – moving and challenging myself.  I eat like a hunter gatherer – clean, natural food.   Humans were meant to move, run, chase, hunt, kill, eat. We’re not genetically coded to thrive mentally or nutritionally within the confines of our new world, where we sit most of the day, eat heavily processed science experiments and pay others to kill our food for us.  We’re genetically coded to be accountable, participatory hunters and gathers, but the cushiness of our “modern” world has driven many to laziness and hypocrisy.

If I had to hunt the rest of my life with one weapon it would be my recurve but I hunt with everything: recurve, compound, lever, bolt, muzzleloader – I just love hunting and learning.

I am a conservationist.  I’ve been a volunteer leader and work as a contractor in the hunting non-profit world.  Protecting our public lands legacy and hunting heritage for my girls, and their kids, is my motivation.  I’ll keep working to this end, and trying to motivate others to do the same, until I keel over dead.

You can reach me at admin@hunterconservationist.com and I would love to hear from you.





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